Cellbell Support

Frequently asked queries are given below. For more details, you can explore the left-Side Menu for the contact form and some other useful links.
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How to track my order location?

For cellbell orders, user: Track Order page after you received order complete email.

How to cancel my order?

Login your cellbell.in account, under orders in Processing status and just click the [Refund-Request] button to request your order cancellation and its refund will be processed within 48hrs.

How to return my ordered item?

For Free Return Pickups and seamless refund, please share your order number and problem pictures via cellbell contact form​

How to know whether any product is deliverable at my location?

On each product page, you can verify whether your location pin code is serviceable or not using Check Availability Box.

How to register my cellbell product warranty?

You can register your cellbell product warranty on warranty page​

How to know product-specific warranty coverage?

Just search your product model such as C103 in Faqs to find relevant warranty and helpful tips, else you can browse through left menu for your product name too. If you still can't find your details, then feel free to connect central support via Live chat over cellbell.in.

My Question is not covered here?

Using the Left Side menu or Search box, please explore the clear and detailed questions and policies. In case you are unable to find a relevant answer, use the contact form to ask the same.
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