Do you have similar questions about your order cancellations?

  • How to cancel my order which I just placed now?
  • How to cancel my order which is already shipped and I got their tracking details?
  • How to cancel my order which I don't want now, and its delivery person called me for delivery?

How to cancel my order?

There are 2 ways to faster cancellation for orders which are in processing status: 1. Self-Cancellation within minutes : Just Login your cellbell.in account, explore your orders in processing status and use [Refund-Request] button to request your order cancellation and its refund if its prepaid order. In COD order,it will be cancelled without any physical refund. Resolution within 24hrs. 2. Ask Customer care : Just leave a message on contact form with your order ID and cancellation reason for your orders in processing status only. Resolution within 24hrs.

What cases allow cancellations?

- Cancellation is allowed directly if order is in processing status. - In case order is in any other status, apart from processing, then its cancellation is not allowed because those orders are already on their way to customer location Or they are specifically made for customer order. - Orders which are either In-transit or delayed are not eligble for cancellation until its shipped stock gets returned back to warehouse. - In case orders gets returned back to warehouse by delivery partners without reaching the customer, then that order is eligible for a full refund.
-In partial cancellation in exceptional cases, forward and reverse logistics charges may apply on orders by the logistics team for the movement of goods from our warehouse towards you and back to us in case of a cancellation request. -Unreceived orders refund will be treated as a partial cancellation case, and the above charges will apply as deductions before processing a refund.
-Hence it's advisable to please avoid cancellation requests if the order is not in processing status.